Dr. Sibel Ulusan

Women Hair Transplant

Female hair loss has unique dynamics and require a special approach tailored to with female hairline genetics


FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplantation is an advanced hair restoration solution specifically adapted for our female patients. This method in our clinic offers natural and elegant results by adapting to the fine and sensitive hair structure of women. Understanding the unique dynamics of female hair loss, we help each patient achieve their aesthetic goals.

Who is the best fit for this?

This method is particularly suitable for women experiencing hair loss due to hormonal changes, genetic factors, or environmental influences. FUE is ideal for restoring natural density and volume in areas where hair has thinned. We provide a feminine aesthetic by maintaining the natural structure of the hairline and harmonizing with facial features.

Stages of the Procedure

Consultation and Planning: Each patient’s hair structure and aesthetic goals are assessed during a detailed consultation process. During this stage, patients’ expectations and the unique patterns of hair loss are understood.

Hairline Planning: The female hairline is carefully planned for a natural and aesthetic look. The hairline is designed according to the patient’s facial structure and personal preferences.

Preparation of the Donor Area and Grafting: Hair follicles are harvested from the donor area in a way that minimizes scarring and ensures natural density, then transplanted.

Recovery Process: Patients receive comprehensive guidance and support during the recovery process. Instructions given at this stage accelerate healing and ensure successful grafting.

Getting the results and the overall timeline

After the FUE procedure, female patients notice natural and dense hair growth. The initial hair growth starts within 3-4 months, and full results are seen within 12-18 months. The results provide a natural and aesthetic look that accentuates our patients’ facial features. At our clinic, we offer specialized support and consultation at every step of the process, ensuring our female patients complete their treatment with confidence and satisfaction.